Black Pepper(Piper nigrum Piperaceae)

Latin name:  Piper nigrum Piperaceae

Sanskrit/Indian name: Maricha, Vellaja, Krishna, Kalimirch

General information:

Black Pepper is an extremely popular and important culinary ingredient used in cooking worldwide. Beyond flavoring food, the herb has a host of medicinal benefits. It enhances the function of the digestive tract, which eliminates flatulence and bloating. Herbal mixtures containing Black Pepper are helpful in treating bronchial congestion.

Therapeutic constituents:

Piperine, chavicine, piperidine and piperettine are the principal constituents of Black Pepper, which give the herb its therapeutic properties. Pipperine is largely responsible for the herb’s acrid taste.

Key therapeutic benefits:

  • Black pepper relieves cough.
  • The herb aids the digestive process by optimally increasing gut function.