Transcendental Meditation

Benefits of Transcendental Meditation

  TM can make your life significantly more pleasant and balanced. Many individuals say this simple to practice system has a changing impact and they report real advantages in diminishing anxiety and tension, disposition issue, sleep deprivation, and hypertension.

  Supernatural Meditation doesn’t concentrate on breathing or droning, as different types of meditation. Rather, it supports a tranquil perspective past considering. A recent report discovered Transcendental Meditation mitigated anxiety in collagen disciples while another discovered it diminished circulatory strain, uneasiness, misery, and outrage.

  Several logical examination thinks about have demonstrated that honing the Transcendental Meditation system decreases stress, upgrades mind working, builds knowledge and imagination, enhances memory and learning capacity, enhances scholastic execution, enhances wellbeing and prosperity, adds to the identity, enhances interpersonal connections, improves athletic execution, and enhances inward peace.

  The TM technique permits the brain to easily settle internal and land at the source of thought- pure mindfulness, otherwise called transcendental cognizance. ‘Supernatural’ signifies ‘going past,’ for this situation alluding to going past thought. Supernatural awareness is the most quiet and serene level of cognizance; it is your deepest Self. In this condition of peaceful sharpness, your mind capacities with altogether more noteworthy intelligibility and your body increases profound sleep.

  TM makes rationality in the working of the mind, which persists into day by day life, expanding quiet, center, cognizance, and imagination. TM gives profound rest and even assists with incessant conditions, for example, despondency, tension, and hypertension.

  As you feel calmer in your skin, and quit worrying about each one of those endless ventures and life’s little issues, everything else tends to fit properly, as well. That is the reason TM is demonstrated to positively affect your pulse, immune framework, dietary patterns, great night’s sleep, and so on.

  Basic, natural and simple to learn, it doesn’t require clearing your psyche of contemplations or concentrating. It’s so easy, inside only a couple of minutes anybody can rise above or go past stresses and tumult.


A planning for action

Adding TM practice to your day by day schedule, morning and evening, more than compensates for the time it takes to think. The TM method revives a person’s occupied or over-animated personality. Young students rehearsing the procedure improve at school; persons turn out to be more engaged in their meetings and their everyday life.


Clinical Exploration

Various companion inspected considers and experimental audits have demonstrated that normal TM hone prompts an extensive variety of individual advantages, such as- diminished uneasiness and wretchedness, enhanced memory and clearer thinking process, lessened hypertension, diminished disease, longer lifespan and more concordant relationships.


How does TM work?

Amid the TM method, the brain, and body increase profound, remedial rest, much more profound than conventional relaxation, as showed by decreased cortisol and plasma lactate (significant carriers of anxiety). The recuperating rest picked up in every sitting of the TM strategy permits enthusiastic, mental and physical anxiety to wash away and thus enhancing general well-being, prosperity, and conduct.

TM Technique

  A man needs one and only capacity to take in the Transcendental Meditation Technique-the capacity to think an idea. Any individual who can think an idea can start to experience better levels of considering, until he experiences the wellspring of thought, the field of pure Creative Intelligence.

  One sits easily, shuts his or her eyes, and rehashes a mantra (in Sanskrit) without moving the lips or making a sound for around 20 minutes, two times each day. Yes, that is just about it. The main other pivotal bit of data one must know not the strategy effectively is to not ‘compel’ anything. That is, permit thoughts to travel every which way and if one understands he’s quit rehashing the mantra in his mind, to simply tenderly return to it.

  Transcendental Meditation uses a noiselessly rehashed mantra that the professional just listens to. It will show contrastingly as a special being, with its very own brain, every time. Here and there it’s long, and different times it’s short. At times, the ‘voice’ changes and it might be sung one time and talked the following. The transcendental part comes when you add the guideline of care to the technique.

  • Close your eyes, hold up a few moments, and after that begin thinking the mantra. It is thought more than once just first and foremost of meditation. After a while, you ought to ‘let it go’ and ‘permit the mantra to change in any capacity it needs’. Whether it gets louder or milder, speedier or slower down, clearer or fainter, we simply take it as it comes. It’s to a greater degree a ‘hearing’ of the mantra than rehashing it, and that is the reason TM development calls the system ‘easy’.
  • Allow thinking process to go back and forth alongside the mantra. There is no endeavor to push thoughts insane or utilize the mantra to override them.
  • When the mantra vanishes and the brain goes off on thoughts, we discreetly return to it. This implies we should simply get to be (mindful) that we are no more listening to the mantra, and the consciousness of that will be entirely adequate to take the mantra back to us.
  • At the end of meditation, quit thinking the mantra and hold up around2 minutes before opening the eyes.

  When we rehearse TM, we’re molding our mind to have a totally new reaction to thought itself. When we have an idea, we’ll, as a rule, have one of two responses, or a blend of the two:

Emotion: We’ll consider something that triggers some kind of feeling. This response isn’t as a matter of course amazing, yet it’s generally there. For instance, we might think about a relationship or business bargain turned sour, and therefore regardless of the possibility that just mellow and makeshift, we’ll have a movement in emotional state. In this case, it could maybe be trouble or outrage.

Action: Another response to believed is activity or arranged activity. The least complex case: You believe ‘I’m ravenous,’ and therefore, inspire something to eat or make an arrangement to motivate something to eat. Note that the activity needn’t be prompt. For example, haven’t you ever, out of the blue, contemplated an old companion and gave careful consideration to call her at a later point? ‘Activity’ here can likewise mean inner physiological reactions, concentrating on feeling, for example, raised circulatory strain, sweating, expanded heart rate et cetera.

Ideal for ladies

  TM hone makes a place of refuge inside of that can’t be duplicated in the outside world. It offers ladies ‘some assistance with regrouping inside’ and multi-errand without breaking a sweat and concentrate, past the furious pace that so regularly portrays our lives. It offers young ladies some assistance with dealing with difficulties and insecurities of youth, companion pressure, and mental self-portrait. What’s more, it advantages ladies who might be managing a genuine ailment, dietary issues or wretchedness. It is the way to easy tranquility, a relief from the rollercoaster of life and another parkway for self-consideration and profound development.

Why do individuals figure out how to contemplate?

  It is due to an extensive variety of reasons- for significant serenity, for better wellbeing, for better adapting capacity to handle the hassles of day by day life, to improve in school. Also, the exploration affirms the advantages. Considers have reliably demonstrated that customary TM rehearse builds imagination and IQ and enhances learning capacity among disciples, diminishes tension and discouragement, lessens drug and liquor addiction and enhances memory.

  A standout amongst the most imperative territories of examination has assessed the impacts of TM practice in diminishing hypertension, a quiet executioner that harasses upwards of 65 million Americans, a considerable lot of them youthful.

  About one in twelve young people, incorporating one in five American teenagers have hypertension and research on secondary school understudies in Augusta, Georgia, observed TM practice to be exceptionally successful in decreasing hypertension. This study was directed by the Medical College of Georgia and distributed in the American Journal of Hypertension in April 2004.


Spiritual Science Behind Mantra

  The oppositely inverse shaft is unavoidably required. This was constantly proposed in reasoning, yet now this is a recommendation of material science. What’s more, extremely preposterous thoughts have created on account of this idea. Time moves from the past to the future, yet now physicists say that if time moves from the past to the future, there must be some place the inverse time process, which moves from the future to the past; generally this time process can’t be– yet it is.

  The inverse, the oppositely inverse must be there someplace that is hostile to time. Moving from the future to the past? It looks exceptionally preposterous. By what means can something move from the future to the past?

  Sound exists, however, TM says sound can exist simply because of silence; generally solid will be inconceivable. Silence is hostile to sound. So wherever there is sound, simply behind it there is hush. It can’t exist without quiet; it is the other part of the same coin. So it is expressed in a word; for instance ….O…M….. The more if it is pronounced the words distinctly, simply next to each other, simply behind it is the counter wonder, soundlessness.

  So if you can use sounds as a procedure to enter soundlessness, you will enter meditation. In the event that you can utilize a word to go stunning, you will move into contemplation. Take a gander at it along these lines: brain is the word; meditation is no psyche. Brain is loaded with sound and words and thought. Just by the corner is the other great…no-mind.

  So yoga says there is no chance to get in which brain is not utilized; personality should be utilized. It ought not to be utilized absolutely; it ought to be utilized adversely. It ought not to be utilized as a part of such a path, to the point that it is fortified, it ought to be utilized as a part of such a route, to the point that it is debilitated. Furthermore, techniques are the approaches to utilize the brain in a manner that you utilize it to hop past it. You utilize it just to go past it- as a bouncing board.

  On the off chance that psyche can be utilized as a bouncing board and yoga and TM trust that it can, then something which has a place with brain must be prepared. Sound is one of the fundamental things; you can utilize sound to go into soundlessness.

  Pronunciation of a sound …A…U…M… sound slowly. As sound enters soundfulness, so do you and take OM this is one of the essential sounds.

  A-U-M: these three sounds are consolidated in it. A-U-M is three fundamental sounds. All sounds are made of them or got from them; all sounds are blends of these three sounds. So these are three essential. They are as fundamental as in material science the electron, neutron and proton are essential. This must be profoundly caught on.

  Gurdjieff discusses ‘The Law of the Three’. He says presence in the supreme sense is one. In the outright sense, in a definitive sense, there is stand out. Yet, that is total, and at all we see is relative. At all we see is never outright; the supreme is constantly covered up. It can’t be seen, in light of the fact that the minute we see something, it is separated. It is partitioned in three: the soothsayer, the seen, and the relationship. I am seeing you: I am here, you arrive, and between the two there is the relationship of learning, of seeing, of vision, of perception. The procedure is partitioned into three. The total is isolated into three; the minute it is known it gets to be three. Obscure, it stays one.

  Known, it gets to be three. The known is relative; the obscure is total.

  So even it is not total, in light of the fact that the minute we say ‘the Supreme,’ it has gotten to be known. At all we know, even ‘outright’ is relative. That is the reason Lao Tzu demands so much that truth can’t be said. The minute you say it, it has gotten to be untrue since it has ended up relative. So at all word we utilize– reality, the total, PARA-BRAHMA, Tao– at all word we utilize, the minute we utilize it, it has ended up relative, and it has gotten to be untrue.

  The one has gotten to be isolated into three.

  So Gurdjieff says that ‘The Law of the Three is essential for the universe that we know. What’s more, in the event that we dive deep we will discover we will undoubtedly discover that everything will be decreased to three. This is ‘The Law of the Three’.

  Christians have called it the trinity – God the father, Jesus the child, and the Holy Ghost. Indians have called it TRIMURTI: the three appearances of Brahma, Vishnu, Mahesh or Shiva. Presently material science says that in the event that we move, on the off chance that we continue traveling through investigation to the extremely base, then matter will be decreased to three: the electron, neutron, and proton.

  Writers have said that in the event that we dive deep in quest for human tasteful feeling, feeling, then there is SATYAM, SHIVAM, SUNDARAM– the genuine, the great and the wonderful. Human feeling is based on these three. Spiritualists have said that on the off chance that we dissect delight, SAMADHI, then there is SAT-CHITANANDA– presence, awareness, and rapture.

  The entire human cognizance, in at all measurement it works, goes to ‘The Law of the Three’. ‘OM’ is an image of The ‘Law of the Three’. A-U-M: these three are essential sounds. The nuclear sounds, you can call them. These three sounds have been consolidated in Aum, so Aum is simply close to indisputably the, simply behind it is the supreme, the obscure. Also, Aum is the last station similarly as sounds are concerned. In the event that you move past Aum, you move past sound; then there is no solid.

  A-U-M: these three are the last; they are the limit of presence. Past these three you move into the obscure, into the outright.

  Physicists say that now we have gone to the electron, it appears we have gone as far as possible, to as far as possible, in light of the fact that the electron can’t be said to be matter. Electrons are not obvious; they have no material property. What’s more, they can’t be called non-matter either in light of the fact that every single matter comprises of them, is constituted of them. In the event that they are neither matter nor non-matter, what to call them?

  Nobody has seen electrons, they are just derived; it is numerically accepted that they arrive. Their belongings are known, however, they have not been seen. Presently we can’t move past them. The ‘Law of the Three’ is the point of confinement, and on the off chance that you move past ‘The Law of the Three’ you move into the obscure. Nothing can be said then. Indeed, even about electrons next to no can be said.

  AUM is the cutoff to the extent sound is concerned, you can’t move past. That is the reason Aum has been utilized such a great amount, in India, and everywhere throughout the world. The Christian-Mohammedan ‘So be it’ is only Aum in an alternate frame; the same essential notes arrive. The English words ‘inescapable’, ‘all-powerful’, ‘omniscient’ contain it: the prefix ‘Omni’ is an inference of Aum.

  So ‘ubiquitous’ alludes to that which is available in the entire of the Aum, in the entire of presence. ‘All-powerful’ implies what is completely intense. ‘Omniscient’ implies what has seen the Aum, the entire, ‘The Law of the Three’. The entire universe goes under it.

  Christians, Mohammedans, have been utilizing after their requests to God ‘So is it’. Be that as it may, Hindus have made a complete science out of it – the exploration of sound and the investigation of how to rise above sound. What’s more, if brain is sound, then no-psyche must be soundlessness, and both mean the same– soundfulness.

  This must be caught on. The outright can be portrayed in both of two ways– negative or positive. The relative must be depicted in both the ways– negative and positive: it is a duality.

  When you attempt to express the supreme, you can utilize either positive terms or negative terms since human dialects have two sorts of terms– negative and positive. When you are going to depict the total, the indefinable, you need to utilize a few terms typically. So it relies on upon the psyche.

  For instance, Buddha got a kick out of the chance to utilize negative terms. He would say soundlessness; he would never say soundfulness. ‘Soundfulness’ is a positive term. Buddha would say soundlessness, yet TM utilizes positive terms. The entire considering

TM is certain. That is the reason the term utilized here is ‘soundfulness’: ENTER SOUNDFULNESS.

  Buddha portrays his outright in negative terms: SHUNYA, nothingness. The Upanishads depict the same outright as the BRAHMAN– totality. Buddha will utilize nothingness, and the Upanishads will utilize completeness, however, both mean the same thing.

  At the point when words lose meaning, you can utilize either the negative or the positive since all words are either negative or positive; you simply need to pick one. You can say for a freed soul that he has turned into the entirety.

  This is a positive method for saying it. Then again you can say he is no more– he has ended up nothingness. This is a negative way to present it.

OM Mantra

  Recite a sound, as …A…U…M… SLOWLY. The recitation of a sound is an exceptionally inconspicuous science. To start with you need to articulate it noisily, ostensibly; then others can hear it.

  Since you can likewise hear it unmistakably when you recite it noisily; in light of the fact that at all you say it is to others, and this has turned into a propensity. At whatever point you are talking, you are conversing with others, and you hear yourself talk just when you are conversing with others. So begin from the regular propensity.

  Recite the sound Aum, then before long, feel attunement with the sound. When you articulate the sound Aum, be loaded with it, overlook everything else. Turned into the …A…U…M…, turn into the sound. What’s more, it is anything but difficult to end up the sound, since sound can vibrate through your body, through your psyche, through your entire sensory system. Feel the resonation of Aum. Articulate it, and feel it as though your entire body is being loaded with it, each cell is vibrating with it.

  Reciting is additionally ‘in-tuning.’ Tune yourself with the sound, turn into the sound. And afterward, as you feel a profound agreement in the middle of you and the sound, and you add to a profound fondness for it, and the sound is so excellent thus musical:

…A…U…M… – then the more you recite it, the more you will feel yourself loaded with an unpretentious sweetness.

  There are sounds that are sharp; there are sounds that are hard. OM is a sweet solid, the purest. Recite it and be loaded with it.

  What’s more, when you start to feel congruous it, you can drop reciting boisterously. At that point close your lips and recite it deep down, however internally also first attempt it boisterously.

  Recite internally, however boisterously, so that the sound spreads everywhere on your body, touches each part, every cell of your body. You will feel vitalized by it, you will feel restored, and you will feel another life entering you, in light of the fact that your body is a musical instrument. It needs amicability, and when the concordance is exasperates you are bothered.

  That is the reason when you hear music you feel great. Why do you feel great? What is music, however simply a few amicable sounds? Why do you feel such prosperity when there is music around you?

  Recite …O…M… inside, and you will feel that your entire body hits the dance floor with it. You will feel that your entire body is experiencing a purging shower; each pore is being washed down. Be that as it may, as you feel it all the more seriously, and as it enters you more, continue turning out to be more moderate, on the grounds that the slower the sound, the more profound it can go.

  Unrefined, coarse sounds can’t enter your heart. They can enter your ears; however they can’t enter your heart. The section is exceptionally restricted, and the heart is delicate to the point that just moderate, extremely cadenced, exceptionally nuclear sounds are permitted to enter it.

  What’s more, unless a sound enters your heart, the mantra is not finished. The mantra is finished just when the sound enters your heart, the most profound, most focal center of your being. At that point continue being all the more moderate.

  What’s more, there are likewise different purposes behind making these sounds slower and more inconspicuous: the more unpretentious a sound is, the more exceptional a mindfulness you should feel it inside. The coarser the sound, the less need there is of any mindfulness. A coarse sound will hit you, you will get to be mindful of it; yet then it is brutal.

  In the event that a sound is musical, amicable, unobtrusive, then you will need to hear it out inside, and you should be exceptionally conscious to hear it out. On the off chance that you are not caution, you will go to rest and miss the general purpose. That is the issue with a mantra, with any droning, with any utilization of sound: it can make sleep.

  It is an unpretentious sedative. On the off chance that you persistently rehash any solid without being ready about it, you will nod off, on the grounds that then the redundancy gets to be mechanical. Mantra of ‘…A…U…M…” gets to be mechanical, and then the reiteration makes weariness.

  Boredom is a fundamental need for sleep. You can’t get the chance to sleep unless you are exhausted. On the off chance that you are energized, you can’t get the chance to sleep. That is the reason the cutting edge man is getting to be unequipped for going to rest. What is the reason? There is so much fervor. It was never like this.

  Current life has turned out to be so energizing– nothing rehashes. Everything continues turning out to be new, evolving.

  Life has gotten to be erratic, and you are so energized you can’t nod off. Each day you can see another film, each day you can hear another discourse, each day you can read another book, each day something new is conceivable.

  On the off chance that you rehash a specific sound, it makes a circle inside of you. It makes weariness; it makes sleep. That is the reason Mahesh Yogi’s Transcendental Meditation is referred to in the West as a non-therapeutic sedative. It is on account of it is a basic reiteration of a mantra.

  Yet, in the event that your mantra turns out to be only a redundancy without a ready you inside, a ready you always listening to you, listening to the sound, it might sleep, yet it can’t resist whatever else. Similarly, as it goes, it is great. On the off chance that you are experiencing a sleeping disorder, Transcendental Meditation is great.

  Else, it helps, however not unless you utilize the mantra with a caution inward ear. At that point you need to do two things: continue decreasing the pitch of the mantra, lessening the sound, making it all the more moderate and more inconspicuous, and in the meantime all the while continue turning out to be more ready.

  So two things must be done- sound must be backed off, and you need to wind up more ready.

  The more stable gets to be unpretentious, the more ready you are. To make you more ready the sound must be made more unobtrusive, and a point comes when sound enters soundlessness or soundfulness, and you enter complete mindfulness. At the point when the sound enters soundlessness or soundfulness, at that point, your sharpness probably touched the crest.

  At the point when the sound achieves the valley, when it goes to the down-most, most profound focus in the valley, your readiness has gone to the very crest, to the Everest.

  Also, there sound breaks down into soundfulness or soundlessness, and you disintegrate into aggregate into total consciousness.

  What’s more, sit tight for the minute when the sound has turned out to be so unobtrusive, so nuclear, that now, any minute, it will take a hop from the universe of the laws, the universe of the three, and it will enter the universe of the one, the outright.

  Hold up! This is a standout amongst the most excellent encounters conceivable to man when sound breaks down. At that point all of a sudden you can’t discover where the sound has gone.

  You were listening to it inconspicuously, where it counts: ‘A…U…M… and after that it is no more there. You have entered the universe of the one. The universe of the three is no more. This, TM says, is soundfulness; Buddha says soundlessness.

  This is a way and a standout amongst the most utilized, a standout amongst the most supportive. Mantra turned out to be so essential due to this. Since sound is now there and your mind is so loaded with it, you can utilize it as a bouncing board. Be that as it may, there are troubles, and the first trouble is sleep.

  Whosoever utilizes a mantra must know about this trouble. That is the prevention to sleep. You will undoubtedly fall into sleep since it is so monotonous, it is so symphonious, it is so exhausting, you will fall casualty.

  What’s more, don’t believe that your sleep is your meditation. Sleep is not meditation.

TM- Sidhi Program

  The Transcendental Meditation Sidhi program is a simple, natural, easy arrangement of methods that quicken the self-improvement picked up from the TM procedure without anyone else. As exploratory examination thinks about have demonstrated, the TM-Sidhi program brings speedier development of innovativeness, learning capacity, physical wellbeing, and mental prosperity.

  One of the TM-Sidhi methods is called Yogic Flying, which prompts the body lifting in short jumps starting from the earliest stage. Disciples portray the experience of this strategy as one of satisfaction, vitality, joy, and internal flexibility, with these qualities persisting into their everyday life.

  The Transcendental Meditation method permits the brain to settle down to the source of thought and experience pure consciousness, a condition of relaxing sharpness. The TM-Sidhi program gives the chance to stay on that level, permitting the expert to think and act from this most quiet and capable level of the psyche. The TM-Sidhi system was brought to light by Maharishi from the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, from the antiquated Vedic convention.

  At the point when individuals rehearse the TM-Sidhi program in gatherings, they make a capable impact of congruity, peace, and societal rationality that emanates into the group. Thinks about have found a measurably noteworthy diminishment in wrongdoing, mischance, and disorder rates. At the point when open fighting is available, such gatherings have decreased violence and war deaths.

Essentials of MANTRA

  The mantra does not go about as a center for the brain as in different types of meditation, yet as a ‘vehicle’ whereupon the thinking process tenderly and honestly rests. This permits the psyche to subside into progressively unobtrusive levels of considering, lastly the mantra itself is risen above, and we sink into quiet.

  There are two characteristics of the Transcendental Meditation mantra that are essential for this procedure to happen:

  It is a useless sound. Utilizing a word with significance would keep the psyche at first glance, contemplating the word, and not permit it to rise above- go past- that level.

  Its vibration has a reverberation with its source in the primordial murmur (OM) near the quiet, delighted level of the psyche which gives it a propensity to blur in that heading. This pulls in and charms the brain, which itself is continually hunting down more noteworthy bliss, so the psyche settles with the mantra towards hush.

The mantras utilized as a part of Transcendental Meditation originate from the old Vedic convention of India. They are Sanskrit sounds, the dialect that is the nearest conceivable human impersonation of the common vibrations delivered by the dynamism of the brought together field- the field recognized by target cutting edge science as the noiseless wellspring of all creation, and by yogis in their meditation as the Self- the field of Pure Consciousness.

  A few mantras have recuperating power for particular parts of the body, however, the Transcendental Meditation mantras are for rising above, which has a huge mending impact for the entire body and mind and more.

  This is not a remarkable feeling for individuals to have before they begin. However after a couple of TM reflections, the mantra turns out to be extremely individual to you; the vehicle permits the regard for jump inwards, and the brain starts to relate the mantra with the experience of settling down and getting a charge out of internal quiet.

  It turns into a prized and trusted companion. Talking the mantra so anyone might hear, droning it or passing it on is to bring the mantra ‘out’, to turn around its normal bearing, it’s of no worth. Additionally, the Transcendental Meditation mantras just work in setting. Utilizing or talking the mantra without its simple yet particular guidelines and individual direction from an instructor essentially doesn’t work.

  Since the way that TM is taught is basic and works, once you learn you will most likely feel, as others have, that you need loved ones to learn it in the same basic, viable and agreeable way. We find thusly that it is entirely unique for anybody to manhandle their mantra along these lines, regardless of the possibility that they began with the same uncertainty as you.

  Droning the mantra will keep the body (mouth, throat and so forth) dynamic, and in this way not permit it to sink into the condition of regular, profound rest that TM is popular for. Droning likewise controls the brain and keeps it from sinking into hush, as it normally needs to do.

  What’s more, present day science has demonstrated to us that these calmer, more profound levels of life are all the more intense; the atomic level is significantly more effective than the nuclear level. So also, mantras are more effective when they are thought instead of droned; however the greatest force is found when the mantra is risen above as during the time spent Transcendental Meditation.



M technique has found an extensive variety of wellbeing advantages including:

  • Lessens stress
  • Expands imagination and knowledge
  • Enhances memory and learning capacity
  • Expands vitality
  • Increments internal quiet
  • Lessens a sleeping disorder
  • Builds bliss and self-regard
  • Lessens uneasiness and despondency
  • Enhances relations
  • Enhances well-being