Resistant Bands/Cables

Ankle Flexion

Anti Rotation Reverse Lunge

High Row

High-low Partner See-saw

Kneeling Hay Baler

Kneeling Lat Pulldown

Kneeling Reverse Fly

Kneeling Wood Chop

Lateral Lunge Wood Chop

Lunge to Singe Arm Row

Partner Standing Row with Resistance Tubing

Partner Tricep Extension

Prone(Lying) Hamstrings Curl

Pull to Press

Reverse Fly

Rotator Cuff External Rotation

Rotator Cuff Internal Rotation

Seated Cable Press

Seated Decline Cable Press

Seated High Back Row

Seated Incline Cable Press

Seated Row

Side Plank Row

Single Arm Row

Single Leg Romanian Dead Lift

Single-arm Chest Press

Single-arm Lateral Raise

Single-arm Rotational Press

Squat to Row

Standing Anti-rotation Press

Standing Bicep Curl

Standing Chest Fly

Standing Crunch

Standing Hamstrings Curl

Standing Hip Abduction

Standing Hip Adduction

Standing Leg Extensions

Standing Rotational Chop

Standing Row

Standing Single-leg Cable Rotation

Standing Trunk Rotation

Straight Arm Pressdown

Transverse Lunge to Single Arm Row

Tricep Pressdown

Triceps Pressdown

Walking Abduction