Skincare Routines

Why it is we cannot we keep the skin we were born with? Having said that, if we did, it would have to stretch a bit, especially in my case. When we start to get older the most obvious thing to happen to skin is the wrinkle. I’ve got them and I wish I didn’t but then again being a man perhaps I can have wrinkles and people do not notice. I don’t really bother about skin care too much, I don’t have to, I’m a man and I can get away without bothering about my skin too much as long as I keep it clean. The trouble is men tend to notice wrinkles on women. We shouldn’t, but hey ladies sorry we do. It isn’t our fault; we must be designed to be like that, insensitive and uncaring, and because we do notice these things, you worry a great deal about caring for your skin.
So men can get away with it but women cannot. What can you do about it? Well a proper skin care program can help you to work with the changes in your skin which not only affects how you look but also affects how you feel. The skin is the largest organ in the body so a proper skin care program is a good thing to adopt.

Chapter 1 : Cleansers

Chapter 2 :Exfoliants

Chapter 3 : Toners

Chapter 4 : Moisturizing

Chapter 5 : Masks and Treatments

Chapter 6 : Serums

Chapter 7 : How lifestyle effects your skin