Sheet Masks

When it comes to skin care products, sheet masks in particular are wildly popular. Within them, leading the pack, are Korean sheet masks. Here are some tips and facts about them to help you get the most out of this skin care essential.

1. Sheet masks cling to the skin, hydrating the face with the goodness of the ingredients they contain.

2. There are a range of natural ingredient sheet face masks to choose from, to manage every skin type.

3. The serum or essences contained in the sheet masks help address a range of skin related problems.

4. Sheet masks are different from traditional cream or clay masks, given their sealing element (occlusion) – which prevents the evaporation of essential ingredients and ensures better skin penetration.

5. They are great at combating dry skin caused by factors like cold weather and long flights.

6. The hyaluronic acid in some sheet masks minimize puffiness owing to excess caffeine.

7. Every skin type is different and hence it is necessary to test the sheet mask before applying.

8. Sheet masks are not substitutes for moisturizing serums, but complement the skin care regime as an additional treat for your skin.

9. You do not need to wash your face post removing the sheet mask, and neither do your fingers directly touch your face while applying the mask. This makes them hygienic and easy to use.

10. It takes time to master the ‘art’ of applying a sheet mask since they are all a standard size, while each face type and size differs.

There are several types of sheet masks available in the market. We created a list of sheet masks divided on the basis of type and ingredients for your quick reference –

1. Hydrogel Sheet Masks

As compared to microfiber masks, hydrogel masks come in a sleeker material because they’re made with 100 percent skin-benefitting ingredients. They aren’t just cotton masks dipped in a serum. That’s one of the reasons why they’re easier to put on your face. Most of them come in two parts, one half to put on the upper portion of your face, and the other for the lower jaw region. Hydrogel masks not only cool the skin but also lock in more moisture than the average sheet mask.

2. Bio-Cellulose Masks

These sheet masks are made from all-natural fibre and good bacteria. Compared to other sheet masks, this one is gold! It’s made from premium quality ingredients, and the sheet sticks your skin without giving the serum a chance to evaporate and go to waste. Unlike hydrogel sheet masks, these aren’t prone to tearing since the fibre is stronger and doesn’t give way easily.

3. Microfiber Sheet Masks

These are the most common type of sheet masks available in the market. The fibre feels like cotton and the serum is packed with vitamins and botanical ingredients. Compared to other sheet masks, these are the most affordable. The downside of these masks is that they don’t stay firm on your face. You could be sitting in one place, minding your own business, and your mask will suddenly fall off.

4. Foil Sheet Masks

Foil sheet masks are one of the newest entrants in the sheet mask universe. The foil that covers the front layer of the mask to prevent serum from getting evaporated and wasted. From the time you open the packet till you use the mask, it’s bound to stay moist and firm on your skin throughout your face masking session.

5. Knit Sheet Mask

Knitted sheet masks are made from cotton. They’re heavier than any other sheet mask and are designed to deliver serum not only to the skin on your face but your neck too!

6. Charcoal Sheet Masks

The charcoal sheet is rare to find, but it’s amazing! The sheet is black in colour and as the name suggests, it’s enriched with charcoal. Since the sheet mask has detoxifying ingredients, your skin will look smoother and clearer after you remove this sheet mask.Thus charcoal sheet mask is really good for your skin.

7. Bubbling Sheet Masks

Bubbling sheet masks don’t just look fascinating, there’s a lot of science that goes into making them as well. Each bubble sheet mask contains an ingredient called perfluorocarbons. Oxygen is later pumped into the sheet mask and the mask is then sealed carefully in a pressured packet. The moment you open the packet, the ingredients mix with air and form a thin layer of foam on top of the sheet mask. After you remove the sheet mask, you shouldn’t remove the foam from your skin. Instead, massage the product into your skin using circular motions and wash your face with lukewarm water later. Don’t forget to pat your skin dry once you’re done!

8. Ampoule Sheet Masks

The advantage of ampoule sheet masks is that you get double the treatment since you’re essentially using two ingredients. First, of course, is the ampoule itself or what you might call a serum, which you need to massage into your face. Second, is the sheet mask, which ensures the ampoule

1. For Oily Skin

People with oily skin tend to avoid sheet masks because they assume the mask adds extra moisture that is unnecessary. That isn’t the case though. The sheet masks from Dear Packer Home Remedy are made with egg whites and lemons, which makes them ideal for your people with oily skin. Not only does it reduce excess sebum production, but it also leaves you with glowing, oil-free skin.

2. For Dry Skin

Sheet masks should be a skin care regular for people with dry skin. The Innisfree Skin Clinic Mask with hyaluronic acid is very effective for treating dry skin. Believe it or not but Hyaluronic acid is actually a humectant, a substance that is used to reduce the loss of moisture. In fact, our own skin cells actually produce hyaluronic acid in order to maintain moisture levels, but pollution, ageing and other factors cause those levels to dip. So, applying a hyaluronic acid sheet mask is actually a great way to pump the moisture back into your skin so that it looks hydrated and healthy.

3. For Skin That Needs A Quick Fix

If you’re getting ready for a big event or party and your face needs a little pick-me-up, then sheet masks can be a great option. The MaskerAide Pre-Party Prep Facial Sheet Mask has all the goodness of argan oil, orange peel oil, super fruit extract, rice extract, and honey, which pampers and primes your skin before you apply your makeup and get ready to go out.

4. For Ageing Skin

No matter how old you are, it’s never too early to start using anti-ageing products that ensure your skin looks youthful and fresh all the time. And sheet masks are a great place to start, especially if you prize glowing skin. Whether you want to include them in your weekly beauty routine or use them once in a while, you should definitely give sheet masks a try. The Mondsub Anti-Wrinkle & Moisturizing Face Mask Sheet is enriched with plant extracts that work towards improving the look, and feel, of mature skin, and is perfect to tackle those pesky ageing problems.

5. For Acne-Prone Skin

Sheet masks are also great to treat skin that is prone to breakouts. Charcoal, which is the hottest ingredient right now, removes impurities and toxins that are within, and on top of, the skin. Try Inatur’s Charcoal Facial Sheet Masks, which uses activated charcoal along with anise and basil oil to reduce sebum and control acne. The regular use of this mask will definitely help anyone fighting problematic acne.

6. For Rough Skin

Skin that’s dull, is latent with dead skin cells, and hasn’t been pampered for a while needs some major exfoliation. Enter The Face Shop’s The Solution Smoothing Sheet Mask, which contains black willow bark extracts that help to gently scrub away dead cells, leaving you with fresh skin.

7. For Damaged Skin

Believe it or not, but if you’ve recently travelled to a cold place or to a humid beach spot, your skin has actually endured some serious damage. The exposure to the UV rays of the sun, dirt, and grime take a toll on our faces – which is why a good sheet mask is key. The MaskerAide Weather Warrior Facial Sheet Mask contains aloe vera, green tea, witch hazel, and argan oil, all of which help to soothe, and heal, your skin.

8. For Sensitive Skin

There is no reason to stay away from sheet masks if you have sensitive skin. In fact, you should make them your best friend. Especially The Face Shop’s Real Nature Lotus Face Mask, which calms inflamed skin with its natural oils and extracts. This will be the hero product in your skincare regimen, we promise!

9. For All Skintypes

If you’re one of the lucky few women who’ve been blessed with perfectly healthy skin, you may believe that you don’t need sheet masks. But here’s the thing: sheet masks can actually enhance your already-gorgeous skin. Sheet masks that boost radiance, brighten or give you that goddess glow are perfect for you. Try The Face Shop Bio-Cell Brightening Face Mask, it gently soothes skin, and reduces the appearance of dark spots too.