Serums are a skincare product that can be used in addition to your normal moisturizers. Basically, they work kind of like a moisturizer except they are lighter and absorb faster. They are also formulated without oils and contain higher concentrations of ingredients that are good for the skin. Anti-aging serums are the most common. If you want an extra anti-aging boost to your skincare routine, consider adding in a serum before your moisturizing step. You can use serums both in the morning and at night—in fact, this is the recommended usage in order to get maximum benefits. Some serums will target specific skincare issues such as large pores. But most focus on packing in as many active ingredients as possible. Serums are chock full of peptides, antioxidants, and other important ingredients like kojic acid, a common brightening agent. If you’re really into skincare, you may even want to use multiple serums to treat different skin issues!