Stomach Flu

Stomach Flu Oils & Blends:

Pain/discomfort: Digestive Blend, Fennel, Ginger, Peppermint, Sandalwood

Antiviral: Basil, Cassia, Cinnamon, Clove, Cypress, Eucalyptus, Frankincense, Helichrysum, Lemon, Lemongrass, Marjoram, Melaleuca, Melissa, MyrrhOregano, Thyme

Suggested protocols:

Add 4 drops each Digestive Blend and Frankincense in a capsule and take 2 – 3 times daily. (or add oils to a swallow of water or juice and drink.)

Additional help for pain and discomfort:

Topically apply 3 – 4 drops Digestive Blend to the lower stomach area.  For children and babies apply topically and dilute with a carrier oil. For infants the oils will be effective when applied diluted to the bottoms of the feet.

Ginger and Peppermint are also good to settle upset stomachs.

Alternatives for the viral infection:

Some recommend 4 drops Oregano, 4 drops Thyme in a capsule.  Fill remainder with fractionated coconut oil. 2 – 3 times daily.  Other oils listed above as antiviral can be used in a similar way.

Gastroenteritis is inflammation of the mucous membranes of the digestive tract.  The most common subset is viral gastroenteritis or known commonly as the stomach flu. As the name implies this is a viral infection and can come from a variety of viruses including adenovirus, astrovirus, caliciviruses, norovirus and rotavirus. The latter two being common among children while caliciviruses is a more common infectious agent among adults. None of these virus strains are related to those responsible for the common cold or flu (influenza) that affect the respiratory system.

Symptoms appear rapidly after contacting the infection, usually with 4 to 48 hours.  Symptoms usually will include abdominal pain, diarrhea, nausea and vomiting. Fever and headache may also occur but symptoms will usually differ from respiratory influenza (the flu) which typically will include high fever, muscle aches, fatigue and respiratory congestion.

As with any viral infection antibiotics will not help. The greatest danger for many, especially children and those with weakened immune systems, is that because of diarrhea and vomiting the body can become dehydrated. This should be monitored closely.

Also note the stomach flu is not to be confused with influenza or the bronchial flu that includes a number of serious strains (West Nile, Swine, Bird, H1N1 and H3N2). See flu.

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