Sensory Processing

Those suffering from Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD) are not able to properly process the information coming from eyes, ears, touch, etc. and may respond in unusual ways. SPD, formerly referred to as Sensory Integration Disorder, is not yet recognized by some medical professional organizations but it is diagnosed by many professionals. Usually it can be noticed in infants and is increasingly recognizeable as it affects young children. They can overreact to certain sensory experiences or in other cases can under react. Examples of this are:

•  May overreact to light touch from another person or even an article of clothing.

•  Unusual reactions to texture of foods

•  Intense sensitivity to some odors

•  Unusual sensitivity to light

•  Require unusual activity and sensory stimulus before falling to sleep

•  Interpret sensory information incorrectly appearing to be uncoordinated

•  Seeming to ignore others or not enter into interaction

•  Avoidance of activity that may be confusing or uncomfortable

•  Uncontrollable responses (tantrums) to what otherwise might be a minor event

•  Unusual fears or distress

There is not yet an understanding of the reason for this disorder.

Oils & Blends:  Citrus oils,  Lime, Wild Orange

Also consider: In Tune

Suggested protocols:

Note – Since many with this type of disorder are highly sensitive to odors and sometime touch do not force the application of oils if it is a negative experience as this will build a experiential resentment towards their use in the future. Many times it is successful letting them make their own selection from a few choices of oils.

Topical application of 1 or 2 drops to the back of the neck, suboccipital triangle (see ADHD) or the bottoms of the feet.

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