Scabies Scabies, a condition that causes intense itching, is an infestation of a small mite (inch mite) that burrows into the skin.  Once present the mites hatch eggs and multiple rapidly hence the infestation spreads and is also highly contagious.  Scabies is spread by direct skin to skin contact therefore if clothing, bedding, towels, furniture is shared or people are in very close proximity spreading to others is highly likely.  Because scabies is transmitted through direct physical contact it is classified as a STD (sexually transmitted disease) but can also be passed on in many other ways.

The symptoms of scabies is itching, usually sever, often worse at night.  The mite makes burrows in the skin so the appearance of the infestation may be a rash or tiny red or brown bumps.  They may appear anywhere but in adults are more typically inner side of wrists or elbows, armpits, between fingers, around the waist, around male genital area, around breasts, even the soles of the feet. With children they can infest the scalp, face and neck, the hands or the feet.

Oils & Blends:   LavenderMelaleuca, Peppermint,

Also consider: Bergamot,Oregano

Suggested protocols:

Apply Melaleuca topically to the affected area.  This is easiest to do by using a spray bottle or putting a spray cap directly on an oil bottle and spraying 2 or 3 times per day.  The skin clears typically in a few days.

For problem areas that will not heal add a few drops of Oregano to the oil spray.

To prevent the spreading of scabies to other folks cleanse the areas typically touched with Protective Blend by making a spray of Protective Blend and water (1-2 drops Protective Blend for each ounce of water) and/or using Protective Blend foaming cleanser.

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