PCOS Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) is a result of hormone imbalance. The reasons are not understood but for some reason the female sex hormones, estrogen and progesterone, become imbalanced and there is usually increased androgens or male hormones.  In PCOS, during ovulation, the egg(s) normally released do not mature and release, but instead form the small cysts that are a common symptom.

Other symptoms may include heavy bleeding during the menstrual cycle, irregular or lack of periods, difficulty in getting pregnant, depression, unexplained increase in weight, changes in hair growth, and acne or skin disorders.  Symptoms will vary greatly from individual to individual. This may be detected at any age during child bearing years and seems to run in families. If not addressed higher cholesterol levels.

Oils & Blends:  Basil

Suggested protocols:

Long Term

•  The root cause of PCOS is hormonal balance and the observations and suggestions by Dr. Hill on this are very important. Check also Hormonal Balance.

•  The following is a protocol some have found helpful:

Use natural tampons without chlorine. Blend:

•  8 drops Clary Sage

•  8 drops Frankincense

•  8 drops Lavender

•  8 drops Cypress

•  2 TBSP melted virgin coconut oil

Soak the mixture into the tampon.  Insert over night.

Do nightly for one week, then switch for a week to:

•  8 drops Frankincense

•  8 drops Geranium

•  5 drops Myrrh

•  2 TBSP grape seed oil

For those unable to use tampons the blend may be administered with a syringe reproductive reflexology points.

Symptom Relief

Pain and Cramps –

• The following, applied topically or o the lower abdomen have proven successful: Soothing Blend, Basil or Basil with Clary Sage, Solace

•  Helichrysum internally in a capsule