Hot Flashes

Hot flashes are one of the common symptoms of the menopausal change as the body naturally rebalances the hormonal levels during that period in life.  This may be during menopause, premature menopause, or induced menopause.  They can also occur at times other than menopause if there are significant changes in hormonal levels.

Usually the face becomes flushed and red and there is suddenly a feeling of being very warm or hot in the face, neck, and/or chest.  This may also be accompanied by perspiration, chill, or an increased heart rate.  The intensity and frequency varies widely with different individuals.  Some experience very uncomfortable hot flashes multiple times a day where others may have mild annoying experiences only multiple times a week.  Hot flashes with intense perspiration at night are called night sweats.

Oils & Blends:   Clary Sage, Geranium,Peppermint,Ylang Ylang

Also consider: Citrus oils, Cypress

Suggested protocols:

Root cause.  Go to Hormone Balance for more detailed information.  Simply stated using the supplements in the Life Long Wellness pack coupled with hormone balancing oils such as Clary Sage and the blends Grounding Blend and Blend for Women have provided excellent long term relief.  Here are some successful protocols:

•  Apply Blend for Women to the ears daily or more often.

•  Horrible hot flashes – apply Blend for Women and Ylang Ylang to neck and ears (like perfume) morning and night.

Symptoms.  For relief during a hot flash episode Peppermint applied to the back of the neck (and even the soles of the feet) has an immediate cooling effect.

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