Graves Disease

Graves Disease Oils & Blends:  Frankincense, Lemongrass, Myrrh

Also consider:  Melissa

Suggested protocols:

Strengthening the body systems is a must with any thyroid issue :

• The Massage Blend Technique is an additional way to strengthen and  balance the body

Hyperthyroidism including Graves’ disease

• 2 – 3 drops each of Lemongrass and Myrrh

• Apply them directly to the thyroid area, the reflexology points on the feet (great toes), and on the wrists multiple times per day

• Some also suggest 2 drops Frankincense under the tongue daily

Symptomatic relief

• Pain – dilute Soothing Blend and apply topically

• Tiredness and depression – Citrus oils, Peppermint

• Anxiety and irritability – Grounding Blend and Melissa

Consistency of application is important.

The thyroid is a small gland in the neck just below the Adam’s apple.  Its primary function is to produce hormones that influence most of the metabolic functions of the body.  Hyperthryoidism is one of the three primary categories of problems commonly found.

Hyperthyroidism, an overactive thyroid, this can significantly accelerate the body’s metabolism, causing sudden weight loss, a rapid or irregular heartbeat, sweating, and nervousness or irritability.  Symptoms can include insomnia, anxiety, irritability, bulging eyes, weakness in arms/legs, shaky hands, frequent bowel movements, weight loss, racing heart beat, premature grey hair, lighter menstrual flow, less frequent periods.  Various forms of hyperthyroidism include:

•  Graves’ disease – This is also an autoimmune disorder wherein there is too much production of the thyroid hormone.   It is more prevalent among females and is the most common thyroid disorder among children and adolescents.

•  Toxic adenomas – Over activity may also come from nodules forming that secrete excess thyroid hormone or an inflammation may occur that causes the gland to “leak” the excess.  Goiters that form may contain several nodules.

•  Subacute thyroiditis – This is a temporary inflammation of the thyroid that causes excess hormones and is usually temporary lasting a few weeks to a few months.

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