Fibromyalgia Oils & Blends:  Helichrysum, Lemon,Melaleuca,Oregano,

Also consider:  Basil,Lavender, Marjoram,Peppermint, Thyme,Wild Orange,

Suggested protocols: Massage Blend Technique

Here is a summary of the experiences that others have had.  As with many health concerns Fibromyalgia is best helped on multiple levels.  Experiences include help for pain, cleansing, strengthening the immune system, building nutritional balance, and emotional support.  Couple these with the possibility that many have used prescription medication and the transition or addition of oils may require patience to find a proper balance.

PAIN:  Soothing Blend, Massage Blend and other specific oils applied topically to specific points of discomfort.  Also using the Massage Blend Technique on a frequent and consistent basis.

NUTRITIONAL BALANCE: Almost everyone insists that using nutritional supplements such Life Long Vitality supplements are a must.  Additionally eliminate harmful foods and habits.

CELLULAR SUPPORT & HEALING: 8 drops or 1 capsule of DDR Prime 2 times per day. 2 -3 drops of Frankincense 2 – 4 times daily under the tongue or internally with a spoonful of honey or in a capsule.

STRENGTHENING THE IMMUNE SYSTEM:  A major component of the Massage Blend Technique mentioned previously is the application of essential oils and blends to assist in building strength in the body’s immune system.  Beyond this, commonly recommended is PB Assist (ProBiotics), designed to support healthy digestive functions and immunities.

CLEANSING:  Both a liver and Candida Cleanse are mentioned.

·  Liver – Detoxification Complex and Detoxification Blend blend addresses the liver, kidneys, bowels and skin. see Detoxification for details.

·  Gastrointestinal – The theory that a root cause of autoimmune disorders is Candida is detailed in autoimmune disorders. To address Candida use the GX Assist cleanse detailed under  Detoxification. Note that some with autoimmune disorders are particularly sensitive and should start this cleanse with 1 GX capsule daily for 2 days, if no skin or digestive reactions increase to 2 capsules for 2 days and then if no reactions to the prescribed 3 per day.

EMOTIONAL SUPPORT:  These types of health concerns can take an emotional toll on folks so using essential oils and blends to relieve depression,stress, anger and/or to calm nerves is also very helpful.

Fibromyalgia is a syndrome that includes long-term, body wide pain in the muscles and connective tissues.  This characteristic pain may be accompanied by fatigue, headaches, and difficulty with sleep, anxiety, and depression.  Females in the age group 20 to 50 are the most likely to suffer from fibromyalgia.

A definite cause has not yet been identified but research shows that those that suffer might have a difference in the central nervous system that makes them more sensitive to pain.  Some suggest this difference in the CNS could have been as a result of childhood stress or prolonged periods of stress.  Others suggest that physical or emotional trauma may trigger the syndrome.

Since there are no definite abnormalities with a physical exam some physicians consider it controversial to diagnose the symptoms as fibromyalgia.  The National Institutes of Health and the American College of Rheumatology disagree and the latter suggests a test involving nine paired tender points (18 different points) on the body.  The points are located:

1. At the back of the neck behind the ear, where the neck muscles attach to the base of the skull.

2. About halfway between the base of the neck and the tip of the shoulder.

3. At the spot where the back muscles attach to the shoulder blade.

4. On the front of the neck above the collarbone.

5. Just to the right and left of the breastbone (sternum) about 2 in. below the collarbone.

6. On each forearm just below and to the outside of the crease of the elbow.

7. Just above and to the outside of each buttock.

8. On the outer upper leg just behind the bony part of the hip (this point is easier to find when standing).

9. On the inside of each knee.

The guidelines are that when these tender points are pressed and if eleven or more have pain it is a clear diagnosis of fibromyalgia.

Is Fibromyalgia an autoimmune disease?

Although some suggest fibromyalgia is an autoimmune disease many experts say that it is not.

Note * – The information on this website is a compilation of suggestions made by those that have used essential oils and has not been reviewed by those that have used essential oils and has not been reviewed by medical experts. It is anecdotal information and should be treated as such. For serious Medical Concerns consult your doctor. Please treat this website for reference purpose only.