Dandruff Oils & Blends:  Lavender, Lemon, Melaleuca, Peppermint, Rosemary, Sandalwood

Also consider: Basil,Thyme

Suggested protocols:

Light Dandruff:

•  Add 2 – 3 drops Melaleuca or Blend for Women daily to Salon Essentials Protecting Shampoo or other high quality shampoo.

Heavy dandruff:

•  Massage the following blend into scalp nightly.  Cover with shower cap if necessary. Shampoo out the next morning:

•  1 teaspoon VCO or other carrier

•  4 drops Lemon

•  4 drops Lavender

•  4 drops Melaleuca

•  4 drops Rosemary

Flaking from bad hair products:

Some note that harsh dandruff shampoos and other products can damage the scalp and cause flaking.  A couple of suggestions to break this cycle:

•  Make a scrub for the scalp by mixing 4 -6 drops of Birch, Rosemary, or Wintergreen into 1/2 ounce shampoo, and rub it into the scalp by applying in 1 inch partings in the air. Leave on for 5 minutes and process with normal shampoo and conditioning routine

•  To complete breaking the cyclere place the harmful hair care products with high quality shampoo and conditioner for future hair care.

Basic hair health:

•  Eating well with Life Long Vitality supplements builds strong and healthy hair.

Follow a  good regular routine:

•  Shampoo with Salon Essentials Protecting Shampoo, add 1 – 2 drops of Rosemary to slow hair loss.

•  Condition with  Salon Essentials Smoothing Conditioner, add 1 – 2 drops of coconut or olive oil for dry hair, only use on tips and/or outer half of hair shaft for oily hair. Let the conditioner remain in hair 2 – 3 minutes before rinsing for best results.

•  Dry hair and spray (spray is especially effective after hair coloring or perms.) with the following blend:

•  2 ounces of water

•  4 drops of Peppermint (or other oil of choice)

Dandruff (seborrheic dermatitis) occurs with the over production of skin oils and cells that then die and flake off in much larger quantities than is normal.  This can occur on the scalp, eyebrows, around the ears, or even on the chest. The excessive dead cells appear as white or yellowish flakes and may include some itching and some hair loss.  The condition is not considered serious although it may be a source of embarrassment. About half the population experiences dandruff at some time and it
happens equally among all races and genders. Among youth and adults this is known as dandruff and with infants the same condition is known as cradle cap.

With some the condition is chronic, for others occasional.  Triggers or increased risk come from exposure to extreme heat and cold, stress, fatigue, use of irritating soaps or lotions (e.g. containing alcohol), and may be hereditary or a side effect of some diseases.  Dandruff is not an allergic reaction, is not contagious, nor a result of bad hygiene.

An Important Note: Almost everybody thinks all flakiness is dandruff, it rarely is. Rather, it is almost always:

•  a build-up of hair spray that eventually flakes off the hair shaft

•  skin cells damaged (killed off) by hair products. (Interesting tidbit – Dandruff shampoos create their own “job security”. They are usually effective at lessening or stopping flaking but they do that by “chemically scouring” the scalp, however, as you might expect, that damages the next layer of developing skin cells which creates more flakes, and the beat goes on ad infinitum.)

•  normal sloughing off of dead skin cells that get trapped in a build-up from poor quality shampoo, conditioner and/or styling product and it finally all flakes off together

Note * – The information on this website is a compilation of suggestions made by those that have used essential oils and has not been reviewed by those that have used essential oils and has not been reviewed by medical experts. It is anecdotal information and should be treated as such. For serious Medical Concerns consult your doctor. Please treat this website for reference purpose only.