Cellulitis is a deep skin infection (usually deeper than impetigo or ecthyma). It is most commonly a strep bacterial infection but can on occasion be from staph aureus. The symptoms are a red swollen area on the skin that is tender to the touch. Often this is on the lower legs but can also occur anywhere on the body including the face or eyes (orbital or periorbital cellulites). In advanced stages there may be blistering and/or red lines showing that it is progressing towards lymph nodes.

Celllulitis typically requires a cut or break in the skin to initiate the infection. Diabetes, other types of infections (athlete’s foot, etc) or poor circulation may cause a breach allowing the infection to start.

Oils & Blends:   Frankincense, Melaleuca, Oregano

Also consider:  Lavender, Rosemary

Suggested protocols:

Antibacterial oils both topically and internally are successfully used. One reported using:

•  4 drops Frankincense

•  4 drops Melaleuca

•  4 drops Protective Blend

•  4 drops Oregano

in a capsule 3 times per day. And using the same proportions topically on the infected area.

For orbital or periorbital cellulites dot Anti-Aging Blend or Frankincense around the affected eye socket 3 times a day.

Also consider the GX Assist/PB Assist cleanse and/or the PB Assist probiotics after any antibiotic treatment.

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