Bursitis Bursitis is a condition that occurs when a small liquid filled sac near a joint becomes inflamed.  The sac known as the bursa contains a fluid that helps lubricate the joint and it lies between the tendon and skin or bone near the joint.  The inflammation can be caused by an injury, an infection, gout, arthritis or simply overuse.  Overuse many times may come from small repetitive motions that put strain on a joint.

The common joints that may sustain bursitis are the shoulder, knee, elbow, and hip.  The foot (a form of bunion) and the Achilles tendon may also be locations of bursitis.  Bursitis is more common among those over 40 years old as muscles, tendons, and joints become less tolerant of unusual stress.

Oils & Blends: Basil, Birch, Cypress, Ginger, Lemongrass, White Fir

Also consider: Marjoram, Wintergreen

Suggested protocols:

Topically apply combinations of the following oils 3 times a day until the pain is reduced then taper off the application frequency.  Tension Blend, Soothing Blend, Birch, or Wintergreen for pain and inflammation.  Cypress to increase circulation and speed healing.  Lemongrass or Marjoram for healing damaged tissue.

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