Sea Buckthorn Essential Oil

Known as “God Sent Medicine” with a long history of uses in folk medicine, sea buckthorn oil has uniquely high fatty acid content. It can work wonders for skin, hair and nails equally.

Best suited for : All Skin types

How to use –

  • Cure dark sun spots : Dab a few drops on affected area after washing your face and before applying your face cream.
  • Heals dry skin : Regular application heals dry and patched skin.
  • For healthy scalp and hair : Massage a few drops on the scalp twice a week.
  • Brittle nails : Rub a few drops on your nails every night.
  • Acne treatment serum : Mix and store 2tbsp argan oil + 1/2 tbsp sea buckthorn oil + 2 drops geranium oil+ 2 drops tea tree oil + 2 drops lavender oil and apply every night.