Pomegranate seed Essential Oil

Treasured in the middle-east, Pomegranate has been associated with regeneration for a long time. The oil has skin healing benefits.

Best suited for : Dry/Mature/Burnt/ Irritated skin

How to use –

  • Heal acne, scars, rosacea : Apply 1-2 drops directly on effected area directly.
  • Repair and restore shine of hair : Apply directly on the strands like a serum.
  • Midnight hydrating serum : Mix 20ml Jojoba oil + 10ml Castor oil + 10ml pomegranate seed oil + 10 ml rosehip oil + 2 Vitamin E capsules +2 drops patchouli essential oil + 1 drop Ylang Ylang essential oil + 1 drop orange essential oil in an amber bottle and apply every night.