Avocado Essential Oil

avocadoNative to Central and South America, Avocado is one of the best examples of skin food. Rich in fatty acids and vitamins, it has high penetration properties and makes an ideal carrier oil for skin and hair.

Best suited for : Dry/Sensitive/Acne Prone

How to use –

  • Overnight Moisturization :  Massage a few drops after washing your face.
  • Hair growth treatment : Mix 6 drops lavender oil or peppermint essential oil with 30 ml avocado oil and massage on scalp twice a week.
  • Chemical free makeup remover : Mix 2tbsp avocado oil and 1/2 tbsp castor oil and use it to wipe your makeup gently.
  • Soothe cuticles and feet : Rub a small amount on feet and dry cuticles before going to bed.