Perch is a name of a fish of the genus Perca. Perch fish are usually long and rounded with rough scales. These fishes are carnivorous and usually feed on smaller fishes. They are freshwater fish.

Types of Perch
European Perch- This fish weighs not more than 6 pounds. It is found in Europe and Asia and is usually greenish in color.

Balkhash Perch- It is very similar to European fish and is usually found in Kazakhstan.

Yellow Perch- These are comparatively smaller than the European Perch. This fish has a delicate taste. They are found in United States and look very similar to the European Perch.

Barramundi is a common variety of mild flavoured perch fish. It has a white flaxy flesh.

All peach varieties are eaten fondly for their tasty, firm meat. A yellow perch variety is famous North American seafood. It carries a mild sweet taste with a firm texture. It is also very adaptable to any kind of cuisine. It is usually marketed fresh or frozen. It is also best served with sandwiches, pastas, nuggets, wraps, etc.

Barramundi perch is very popular in Thai and Goan cuisine. It is often served steamed with lime and garlic. It is also stir-fried with lemongrass.

Nutritional Value
Perch is a good source of protein and Selenium. It also contains vitamin B. This fish is low in saturate fats and is very high in cholesterol.