Hindi Name: शरबत
A cool, sweet, aromatic drink made from concentrated fruit or fruit petals. It is traditionally mixed with cold water before serving but may also be served concentrated for added flavor. It can be made out of almost any flavor and the most common sharbat is rose flavored. Some sharbats are diluted using milk for e.g. Falooda rose syrup. It may also be poured over desserts for extra flavor and moist texture like rabri. It is commonly served in countries like India, Turkey, Iran, Pakistan, Arab countries etc.

In older times, cane juice was used to make cane sharbat and essence of various flowers were added to it for flavor. To make at home, simply cook water and sugar and add the essence. Adding lime to the recipe will prevent crystallization and get a better flavor from the flowers.

Did you know?

The server of sharbat in Turkey is called a serbetci.