Gold Leaves

Hindi Name: Sone ka Varq
For over centuries, gold leaves are not only used as ornaments, but also as decoration over food. The gold employed in culinary is pure, very soft and delicate. Though it’s not an essential part of human diet, gold is a mineral that is safe to eat. The taste is flavorless carrying no aroma. Gold leaves are commonly used for making the food look more eye-pleasing.

Gold leaves are usually added in desserts and confectionaries. Mithai, an Indian sweet dish effectively uses gold leaves as a garnish.

The leaf is sold in sheets or flakes. The latter are frequently sprinkled on the top of candies to give a gold glimmer. Flakes are also used for floating flecks to alcoholic drinks.

Nutritional Value
Gold being chemically inert with the human body easily passes over the digestive tract.

Did you know?
The tradition of Edible Gold was started by ancient Europeans.
During the 15th century, Alchemists used gold for medicinal treatments.