Hindi Name: ग्लिसरिन
Glycerin, a natural oil, is a thick liquid ingredient which has no color or aroma. It has a subtle sweet taste and majorly used as a sweetening agent in many recipes. It is a sticky, tarty and a very sweet liquid that easily dissolves in water and alcohol. Also for its ability to absorb moisture, it is added to foods to retain them moist and soft nature.

It is mostly used as a thickening agent or to preserve food and beverages. Glycerin is also considered an excellent sugar substitute. It is also added in low fat foods as filler. It is used in candy making since it improves the texture and adds a glaze. Glycerin is added to marshmallows giving them a soft and gooey texture.

Nutritional Value
1. Some people consume glycerin to improve exercise performance and aid weight loss.
2. Though Glycerin chemically is carbohydrate, it has a diverse metabolic effect on the human body. It has a minimal impact on the blood sugar levels. However, overconsumption may lead to certain complications.
3. Glycerin is also taken directly to replace water loss during diarrhea and vomiting.

Did you know?
Glycerin is also used in various cosmetic applications. Its softening and moisture properties give the skin a healthy glow.
Glycerin is biodegradable.