Hindi Name: फिटकरी
Alum is a chemical compound. Alum powder may be used in pickling, to keep the fruits and vegetables crisp. It is also used as an acidic compound in some baking powders. Alum are double sulphate salst which are soluble in water. It is most commonly used for the purification of water. It has antiperspirant and anti bacterial properties therefore it is commonly used in deodorants. It also acts as a spice and is available in several grocery stores.

Nutritional Value
It helps to keep your teeth strong and protects gums from infections. Therefore it is used in various mouth washes. It also has the ability to cure bleeding cuts, helps to treat throat infections and protects your body from skin diseases.

Did you know?
It can be used as a hair gel.
It is also used in fire extinguishers as it is known to smother oil fires.