Hindi Name: Bater

Quails are mid-sized game birds that are served as a gourmet dish. They are usually eaten along with the bones, as they can be easily chewed. Both quail meat and eggs are consumed and have a delicate flavor. Quail eggs are sometimes used raw or cooked as tamago in sushi. Both the meat and eggs have a very delicate flavor.

Edible quail is of two types РNew world quails or old world quails .These are not exactly the two types of quails, they are very similar in appearance and habits. The meat can be roasted, grilled, saut̩ed or deep-fried.

Nutritional Value

Quail eggs are considered to be highly nutritious. In fact some people call it a super healing food. This is because its consumption has shown various health benefits. They help increase the hemoglobin level and cure anemia. They are a remedy against gastric and stomach ulcers. They also help inhibit the growth of cancer cells. They are also good for a healthy immune system and are said to slow down the aging of organs.