Chromium is essentially a trace mineral that aids for the proper functioning of the human body.   The chromium is particularly significant in the processing of the fats and carbohydrates as well as it aids the cells in responding properly to the insulin, which is the hormone being produced in the pancreas that manufacture the blood sugar that are made available to the cells as the humans’ basic fuel.

From the numerous studies performed in chromium and for the reported findings, there is really no exact understanding about the exact role that chromium played in all of those mentioned functions.  In fact, no one even comprehends how much chromium is enough.  However, many theories have speculated that chromium may be beneficial for treating diabetes, weight loss and maybe in preventing heart disease or even alleviating depression.

With the theories on the function and uses of chromium, this essential trace mineral has now become a well-known supplement.  From that, many health claims with regards to chromium were made, encouraging a number of people in applying the supplement.

In particular, the trace mineral chromium as it is claimed has the power for weight loss.  In fact, there are so many chromium supplements that are sold for such purpose, specifically for those who are obese and who may be in danger of developing diabetes.  Such kind of health benefits is being studied by most scientists, but until now the most carefully examined and researched clinical trials have so far shown no trace of any benefits.

With respect to the claim that chromium has the potential for treating diabetes, it is interesting to know that since chromium aids the insulin in performing its role, it seems understandable that chromium might assist the people with diabetes, especially those who are in the Type 2 stage or those who are at high danger for developing it.  From different studies, it has been shown that low levels of the mineral are basically qualities of diabetes, though there is really no evidence the chromium causes such condition.  In addition, there are some studies which shown evidences that chromium picolinate supplementation in doses of about 200 micrograms is in fact valuable, but it does not remain as such since others have not.

In terms of the claim that chromium can be applied as a treatment for heart disease, still there are no studies that show an exact evidence for such claim.  In fact, it has been reported that clinical trials of chromium supplements and blood cholesterol levels have greatly demonstrated no consistent benefit.  It is then speculated that if someone is chromium-deficient, there is a great possibility for reducing the LDL or the bad cholesterol and increasing the HDL or the good cholesterol somewhat with the aid of the mineral supplements.  However, even this claim is somewhat questionable.

So many experts just note that perhaps a much better way to accomplish such role is to include diet, exercise, and cholesterol-lowering drugs.  And in case of chronic diseases, an advice from the experts is greatly important since most of the chromium supplements that are made available in the market come in several forms but never as pure chromium.